Admissions Policy

Parents have a specific responsibility for the safety of their own children; this cannot be abdicated to lifeguards who are responsible for the safety of all swimmers.


Parent/Children Supervision Ratios for Children age eight years and under

Supervision for all activities is 1 adult to 2 children. The children must always be accompanied in the water and changing rooms by a parent.

Maintain a constant watch over them and be in close contact with those children who are weak or non-swimmers.

Have the required competencies to undertake the task. Use only approved flotation devices as confirmed by the CEN mark.


Children over the age of eight who cannot swim or are weak swimmers also require supervision by an adult on a ratio of 1 adult to 2 children.


Safety at all times

Swimmers are required to follow the advice/instruction of the pool staff.

Swimmers who cannot swim or weak swimmers are required to remain in designated safe areas of the pool.

The maximum time allowed in the pool during all public swim sessions is 90 minutes this may be reduced to 60 minutes at busy sessions.




Useful Information from Hindley Pool