Swimming Lessons

As a community pool we aim to offer swimming lessons to all ages and abilities and provide a high level of teaching. All lessons are taken by our fully qualified ASA swimming instructors (amateur swimming association).


Under 16’s

Our core ‘Learn to swim’ programme runs from stages 1-7 and follows the structure set by the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association), in addition stages 8-10 are combined in a club link development group. A detailed look at the ‘Learn to swim’ programme is available to view at www.britishswimming.org.

The ‘Learn to swim’ programme introduces the key skills for swimming all the way through to the technique movements in the water.

Lessons run over 50 weeks of the year (2 week break over the Christmas and New Year period) and run in blocks 10 weeks (10 half hour lessons). Payments are taken in block bookings, please contact us for course bookings and guarantee your place on our upcoming course.



As part of our service we, we also offer private 1-2-1 lessons for ages 4+. These types of lessons are beneficial for those who may have a fear of water or those who struggle to make progress in a group lesson.

Due to the high demand of 1-2-1 lessons we are unable to guarantee a specific teacher or time slot.


Adult Classes (16+)

Adult Beginner

Aiming to introduce people into the basics of swimming, catering for those with a fear of water or the ambition to learn basic water skills.

Adult Improver

Aiming to develop basic water skills and turn them into a more structured stroke. This class will help to progress your existing ability and introduce deep water swimming and correct stroke technique.


Enquiries regarding swimming lessons please email:  



Swimming lesson terms & conditions

According to data protection legislation, Hindley Community Pool will keep all information in confidence and not share any information with any third party.

Payment into the swimming lesson programme is valid for lessons at Hindley Community Pool only and no other centre.

Swimming lessons are based on a 10 week programme. Priority enrollment is available to existing customers on week 8. During week 8, Hindley Community Pool can guarantee a place on the next course but we cannot guarantee a place at the same day and time as the existing course. Hindley Community Pool cannot guarantee a place on the next course if you fail to enrol on week 8. Each class has a limited number of spaces in accordance with health & safety policies. Therefore, we are unable to oversubscribe any of our classes.

Hindley Community Pool reserves the right to change the swimming lesson programme to aid the development of the pupils and accommodate for the needs of the business. This includes the cancellation of classes that are less than 50% full. Under these circumstances, a place would be offered in an alternative class.

Under normal circumstances the same teacher will deliver each lesson over the 10 week period. However, certain issues may arise in which this may not be possible. In the absence of a teacher, cover will be provided. Due to the limited availability of cover teachers, we cannot guarantee that the same cover teacher will be provided in the event of a teacher being absent for consecutive weeks. Hindley Community Pool reserves the right to change the swimming teacher at any point during the course to accommodate for the needs of the business.

The transfer from one lesson to another mid-course is only possible when moving to a class with the same teacher. The changing of teachers part way through a course is not possible as this affects ongoing assessments that take place across the 10 weeks. Any decision to move classes mid-course will be made at the discretion of the swimming teacher or swim coordinator, subject to available space in an alternative class.

Those who have missed lessons for any reason, other than medical conditions, will not be allocated a ‘catch up lesson’ or a refund. If any lessons have been missed due to medical conditions, a doctor’s note must be provided. Following this, the Duty Manager will organise a refund for lessons missed or deduct the cost from the price of the next course. In the case of any new medical conditions arising, we ask that the swim teacher is notified in order to update our records.

All customers are required to follow the advice/ instruction of pool staff. If a lesson is deemed to be unsafe due to the behavior of a participant, the individual will be removed from the lesson, without refund. Any verbal abuse, physical abuse or bullying towards any member of staff from any persons will not be tolerated and will result in cancellation of the lesson, without refund.


Upon enrolment into our swimming lesson programme, all customers are required to complete a contact information form and sign to say they have read and agree to the above terms and conditions. 






Learn to swim programme

  • Monday – Friday between 16:00-19:00
  • Saturday between 09:00-12:00


If your child is on our learn to swim programme, they are entitled to swim for free during any casual swim session when accompanied by a paying adult.



The new block of lessons will start week commencing 1/10/18

Enrolment for existing learners will commence 10/9/18 and general enrolment will begin on 24/9/18.

Please ring 01942 665356 or call into the centre for further details and to book your child's place.