Activities and Classes

Sing and Swim

A fun programme introducing babies and toddlers to the world of swimming. The classes incorporate singing and games which help build confidence and independence in the water. Classes are available for 0-18 months, 19-36 months and 3-4 years.

Baby Splash

A parent and child casual swim session for ages 0-5 at a discounted price of £3.50 for 1 adult and 1 child.


Aqua Aerobics

Our Aqua Aerobics sessions are a fun way to keep fit and make new friends. Just turn up and enjoy. Every Tuesday and Thursday @ 08:45-09:30.


Aqua Natal

This class helps with relaxation and gentle exercise during pregnancy, this session is run by a trained midwife. Monday evening @ 18:00-19:00.


Hindley Community Swim Squad (HCSS)

This is a drop-in training session for swimmers of a stage 7 or higher ability. The session is run by a qualified coach, every Wednesday evening 19:30-20:30.



H2O Divers

As a group of diverse people who have been extremely lucky to dive all over the world. We want to bring you a new experience that will take you to another planet, sometimes quite literally.

It is a sad fact that we know more about the Moon than we do about the oceans and seas on our planet, but we are sure once you take your first real dive into the oceans you too will understand our passion for this sport.

We want to get as many people in the water as possible to see and feel exactly how wondrous this water world really is.

Whether you are an able bodied person or a disabled person, H2O Divers have the passion, drive, experience and ambition to show how to do this in a safe and comfortable manner.

We are in awe of it all, the secrets still not discovered, the aquatic life and let’s not forget the amazing plant life.

Our waters are our history and we all know the world is 71% water, we all know we are made up of 80% water, so it’s actually in our DNA to be in the water, so why not come and learn to Scuba Dive with us today.

Contact either by email at or telephone 07794 783 390


Clubs and Classes


  • Wigan Triathlon Team
  • Atherton Sub Aqua club
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  • Aqua Aerobics
  • Aqua Natal
  • Sing and Swim



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